We are a non-profit providing education and aid relief to developing countries.


At Relief Without Borders, our focus is on communicating shared human experience across cultures through portraits, videos, and stories and engaging people around the world to take part in providing basic goods and necessities to families in need. We work to provide relief to those suffering injustice and poverty in developing countries.

We believe in transparency. We believe in international change. We showcase the need, provide immediate ways to help, and report. Our model helps voices be heard and allows an avenue for you to become part of our movement of change.

The awareness and empowerment project was formed to give a voice to the diverse people of developing countries and to allow that voice to be heard around the world. Along the way, we document the progress and change.

Today, we are fighting to make those voices stronger through education.


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current Campaign

Educate Afghanistan

50% of children in developing countries don’t go to school because of lack of access or risk in traveling to school. We’re changing that by building schools where they are needed most and equipping children with the tools needed to succeed.

We’re building our first school in Afghanistan. Want to help?