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Educate Afghanistan

With a population of 31.3 million, Afghanistan holds one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. An estimated 66% of the population is illiterate and many are suffering from the child labor epidemic.

Relief Without Borders exposes life in Afghanistan to an international audience but moreover, we explore solutions and ways to bring about change. Depictions of everyday life in Afghanistan reveals the faces of nine million Afghans living in poverty. Our Nashville-based non-profit has identified education as the ultimate tool of empowerment and long-term solution to help Afghans overcome illiteracy, hunger, and disaster.

We are building a co-ed private primary/elementary school outside of the capital city of Kabul, Afghanistan. The school will focus on providing at-risk grade-school age boys and girls the opportunity of education in a safe environment. The school will improve lives and become a source of local pride for the community. Students will become literate and enable by educators to create a future for themselves.

Relief Without Borders will be able to ensure that 300+ children are getting adequate education and care. But first, we need to reach our financial fundraising goal of $175,000. We believe that in order to eliminate poverty in developing countries, we need to invest in and focus on the education of future generations.

We are investing in the future leaders of their communities and providing them with the tools and knowledge to thrive. Will you invest in the future of these children, too?