Fundraising with Relief Without Borders

Fundraising is a great way to volunteer with us right from your home.

We have two amazing ways to fundraise: Through Facebook or right on our website!


Fundraising through Facebook!

1) Facebook Profile: If you have a Facebook profile, you can set up a fundraiser to share with your friends and family.

2) Support: Facebook have verified and supports Relief Without Borders mission, they charge no fees for donations made to us.

3) Start your facebook fundraiser here: Login to Facebook, and start your fundraiser now.


Fundraising on our website!

1) Fundraise on your own: Take on the challenge solo and see how your simple decision inspires others around you! (PS: If you decide you want to join a team later, you’re able to simply add yourself to a team later on through the team’s unique url).

2) Join a Team: Joining a team is a great way to find support, share ideas and offer encouragement to others along the way. View a list of current teams to join or…

3) Start your own team: Rally some friends together and come up with a great team name (puns encouraged).

4) Start your website fundraiser here:


Download the following success kits!


We’ve put together an Advocacy Kit to get you started. With post friendly photos and videos, with captions to share on your personal social media accounts.


Review some fundraising ideas we put together! Get creative and start planning a fundraising event!